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The history of CAST Tech

CAST was assembled by a committee who came from different backgrounds and work for many of greatness companies in San Antonio. The committee wanted education to be more innovative and modern. How could they make this school, that's based on tech and business, stand out above other schools that teach the same? The answer was simple yet unheard of:

How about partnering with industries that are based on what we teach?

Some people on the committee got their employers to invest in the idea of CAST. We had an innovative high school with direct access to the corporate workforce and the backing of many sponsorships; How could it fail?

Well, it turns out it was a massive success! The idea received lots of praise and was featured on several San Antonio news outlets. We raised a total of 13 million dollars to put towards CAST Tech!

SAISD decided they could renovate unused space Fox Tech High School. Fox Tech itself was also a career-themed high school so the match was ideal.

The school was expected to finish in 16 months. They used advance virtual software to design CAST Tech and

DIRTT walls, which is pre-fabricated paneled wall design that many corporations use. The project was completed in only 9 months.

Since CAST Tech was a career-themed high school, we wanted the environment to feel the same as an actual work place. Tech companies commonly have exposed ceilings and, in many design companies, they include artwork all over the place. We included those simple elements in the school itself so that students can know what it feels like at those companies.

The classrooms are equally as innovate as the halls. Each classroom features 3 zones – one zone for lecturing teaching, another for independent study, and a third for collaborative study. Each classroom has Chromium-based, multitouch SMART Board, which both teachers and students can use simultaneous.

After only one year of operating, the CAST committee decided to build other CAST schools that teach other skills. Currently, there is also CAST STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and CAST Med.

Meanwhile, here at CAST Tech, we continue to do incredible things like charity events, real-world projects and more. CAST Tech currently serves juniors, sophomores, and freshman. Next year, we will have our first graduating class of 2021.


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