Extra-curricular Activities

CAST Tech's culture is part of what makes the experience so great. Our various clubs help keep CAST culture alive.

Extra-curricular Activities are comprised of students from ALA, CAST Tech and the Fox Tech Health & Law Magnet to create the Fox Tech team:

Yearbook Staff is a group of writers, designers, illustrators, and photographers, responsible for making and yearbook and this website.

Theatre is comprised of students from ALA and CAST Tech.


Amy Stengel,

Theatre Director.

Cyberpatriots is a youth cyber education program to help direct students toward careers in cyber-security.

Unity Club is committed to creating a "No Place for Hate" campus by promoting campus-wide activities. 

Diversity Club is responsible for Promoting the spread of culture in CAST Tech.

National Honor Society is a program that promotes student achievement and community engagement.

National Hispanic Institute is an organisation that engages achieving high school and college age youth in community leadership roles that advance our collective quality of life.

Student Council is led by elected student officers and volunteers that sponsor school-wide activities like dances, spirit week and volunteer work.

Garden Club is responsible for planting and maintaining plants in and around campus.

Sports Club is responsible for hosting multiple sport events throughout the year. They host games, tournaments, and fun physical activities 

Model United Nation

is a nationwide organization that serves to get students engaged in global affairs and politics by simulating the united nations meetings.

Drumline is a group of percussionist who specialize in playing intricate, synchronized percussive beats.

Mariachi is a musical band that specializes in playing Mexican folk music and Spanish singing.


David Zamarripa,

mariachi director.

Band is a group of musicians that perform various  styles of live music in front of crowds.

Contact Dr. George Hinojosa, band director.

Dance and Cheer is a group of student entertainers that specialize in entertaining the crowd through synchronize dances and cheering.


Laura Dickinson, dance director

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