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What makes CAST Tech unique?

CAST Tech is San Antonio's premiere tech-themed high school located in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Explore CAST Tech by looking at the videos below.

"Not only is CAST Tech innovative in the classroom, it's innovative in the building itself. "

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Innovative classroom

"It doesn't feel like a school. It feels like a workplace, and I'm just doing what I love to do."

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Innovative building 

Old 1930s trades school in urban San Antonio is turned into a high tech learning place for high school students interested in careers in technology. The schedule is short. The list of tech requirements is long. A supportive learning environment is paramount. Watch how the general contractor, designer and school staff work to create the best possible outcome for the students. 

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Cutting Edge Tech

Not only are students creating web sites, but they are pitching their ideas to local businesses whose sites are either outdated or nonexistent. Students in Game Development are developing their own Virtual Reality games and testing them on the Oculus Quest.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 9.10.53 AM.png


Tech Bootcamps

Some CAST Tech High School students took a look at science with the help of a zombie apocalypse.

The weeklong zombie apocalypse camp is provided by The Science Mill. Students used bioengineering to design and build prosthetic limbs since zombies are prone to losing them.




“Having a school in walking distance to the downtown tech sector … makes sense,” said Amir Samandi, the school’s director of partnerships. “It’s part of a concerted effort to grow San Antonio’s tech scene. You can’t have that if kids aren’t involved.”

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