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Securing an Internship

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Partnerships Director

This is Amir Samandi, Partnerships Director at CAST Tech High School. He is responsible for connecting with CAST Techs industry partners as well as Securing mentors and Internships for students. If you have any questions, special requests, or even knowledge regarding possible opportunities, please contact him using the resources below.



How to secure your next internship

Securing an internship is your next step to introducing yourself to the future workforce. Taking an internship is a great way to gain extra money or Service hours while you learn new things. Moreover, can gain valuable skills in your desired industry, build relationships for recommendations as well as gain much-needed experience for your portfolio or resume.

To get started, here are some links for your next internship:

  1. How to prepare for an internship


  3. What to know during an internship


  5. What to know after an internship


Find your Next Internship

Use this link to find new and upcoming internship opportunities

(Summer internships available)

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