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TCEA UX Presentation

On Thursday February 6th, three students embarked on a road trip to Austin, Texas with CAST Tech's very own Head of UX, (User Experience) Ms. Belinda Medellin for the TCEA ( Texas Computer Education Association) Convention.

Belinda Medellin presenting on "What is user experience and why it should be implement in education."

There, 10th grader Kierstin Dannenburg, and 11th graders, Calista Olivarez & Alena Errisuriz aided Ms. Medellin as student presenters.

"Going to Austin, was insane along with learning about what teachers do for us students. It was a very professional setting so being there with Calista and Alena was so much fun. Meeting people that were professionals in their fields and being able to teach them design thinking was an experience that was completely amazing to me!"

- Kierstin Dannenberg

"As one of the students who attended this trip, I can most definitely vouch on the effectivness of our presentation and workshop."

- Alena Errisuriz

After the presentation the student trio and Ms. Belinda Medellin enjoyed some amazing Tai Food at Mai Tai in Downtown Austin before embarking on their journey back to San Antonio.

"It was interesting how we got to interact with teachers from different parts of Texas at this convention. Analysing the different perspectives of the teachers from different regions showed me you never stop learning and there is always something new to teach."

- Calista Olivarez

"Overall I am extremely proud of Ms. Medellin, Calista, and most definitely Kierstin.

Kierstin not only stepped out of her comfort zone, but rose up to the occasion as new 10th grader at CAST Tech in the UX pathway..... All of this really makes me so happy, and I can't wait for what the future holds in store for the UX pathway and CAST Students as a whole. "

- Alena Errisuriz


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