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Ah yes, homecoming... that time of year where alumni come back to visit their school and revisit old memories. When we have that spectacular football game where we share our school pride by putting dots on our faces.

Oh wait!!, we don't have a football team nor do we have alumni. Other than that, it was pretty fun.

We were able to dress up in different outfits such as yee-haw day and twin day. On that Friday, we had a very chaotic day, which included picture day, a fire drill, all eight classes before lunch, Homecoming Olympics, and the infamous Homecoming Dance. While at the dance we danced and sang all night long. Well, not ALL night long, maybe like until 10 p.m.

Below is a slideshow full of homecoming pictures, Enjoy!

Photo Credits: Paola Cano

Post your pictures of Homecoming in the comments!


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