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My First Day At CAST

My first day at CAST Tech was such an amazing experience that I even remember it one year later.

The second I entered the building, I felt such a different atmosphere from other schools, as if I wasn't just entering high school but a business. I felt like I had already been here before.

I met with all my teachers, and every single one of them seemed genuinely interested in teaching us. They all had this welcoming aura that just made me want to pay attention and listen to what they had to say.

CAST Tech does things differently than other schools because of how it treats its students with respect. I remember how back at my old schools, the students would be seen as if they couldn't be trusted with anything. Our opinions are considered and often used for the betterment of our students and school. I’ve seen this happen many times during my time here.

If I had the choice of going from CAST Tech to another school that was suggested to me I think I'd refuse it right on the spot.

The opportunities that CAST Tech offers are also what drove me to liking this school so much. Just off the top of my head, we can get various real-world certifications, which in itself is amazing, but we also get mentor ships as soon as we get into 10th grade. Then, there are internships when we get into 11th grade. I've noticed how we also have industry partners in our PBLs (Project Based Learning).

So, hopefully you can see what drew me in closer to liking this school. My First day at CAST Tech was in all words to be defined only can be explained by me as something I will remember for my whole life. The thing is, every day at CAST Tech is a day worth remembering.


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