2018/19 Superlatives

These are our most likely's of the CAST Tech Sophomore class of 2018/19.

Most likely to become the next Elon Musk

Joseph Rodriguez


Alena Errisuriz-Chavez

Most likely to stay best friends

Jeremiah Palacios


Adam Hernandez

Class Clown

Jozlynn Garcia


Brandon Duran

Most likely to build an A.I

Kevin Castello


Zitali Torres

Most likely to be a YouTuber

Zaniel Moreno


Kimberly Samuels

Most likely to build a website

Kahlil Davis


Carina Vluan

Hardest worker

Hezron Perez


Kirah West

Best smile

Victoria Gunderson


Rene Sanchez

Most likely to make a videogame

Daniel Rosario


Madelyn Holveck

Most Athletic

Toney Coronado


Terrance Patrick 

Most likely to start a business

James Goldblatt


Timeria Jackson (TJ)

Best dressed

Sofia Vincent


Fernando Garcia

Best hacker

Andrea Torres


Jason Salazar

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