2018/19 Superlatives

These are our most likely's of the CAST Tech Freshmen class of 2018/19.

Most likely to become the next Elon Musk/ Lady Ada

Katerin Aleman


Thomas Farias

Most likely to stay best friends

Joe Huerta


Joshua Santos-Torres
Ricardo Santillian

Class Clown

Darleen Avalos


Abdiel Cervantes

Best hacker

Sean Egglston


Jena Garza

Most likely to be a YouTuber

Cayden Yclan


Brooke Zepata

Most likely to build a website

Elijah Ibarra


Paola Cano

Hardest worker

Carson Krelder


Angelina Ayala

Best smile

Sebastian Hinojosa


Yasu Chavez

Most likely to build an A.I.

Zoe brown


Austin Green

Most Athletic



Clarissa Arambula

Most likely to start a business

Gabriella Whitfield


Grant Petri

Best dressed

Adrian Salinas


Milanna Bueche

Most likely to make a videogame

Caleb Spice


Jessica Bibiano

Most outgoing

Kyah Clevland


Nickolas Escobedo-Lipardo

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