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Campus Cats

Now, if you come to Cast Tech or A.L.A. or Fox Tech, then you might have seen these totally adorable kittens that wander the campus. While they do not have names, they do have a presence here in the area.

So, the way I came up with this idea is when I heard about a cat at the University of Texas at Austin. The cat at the university's name is Dominic, and he has lived there for some time. Since this cat has lived there for quite a while, some people have turned him into (what do you call it when a school has a pet) a mascot of some kind or school animal, if you will.

With that information in mind, I thought it would be nice to have not one not two but three campus cats. Don't tell the administrators I said this (because I don't know if its illegal or not), but I have been feeding the cats. Not only to ensure their non-hunger-ness, but their stay here within the campus. This would leave them staying for generations to come.

Imagine coming to a high school reunion twenty-two years from now and getting to say, "I remember when these cats where first here as kittens!"

Photo Credits: Ruben Rojas Juarez

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